Applied Financial Planning
Taking flight

Australia's financial advice industry is evolving and new thought leaders are emerging. Here the 2017 AFA/ANZ Wealth Rising Star of the Year Award finalists share their thoughts on the future of the industry and why financial advice is the career for them.

Q1. Why did you choose a career in financial advice?

Karlee Hoog-Antink: I saw a career in financial advice as an opportunity to use my natural skills and enthusiasm in helping people improve their lives. I have a very honest, upfront personality and I'm also good at making people feel comfortable, so being an adviser proved to be a good fit for me.

Andrew de Bono: I studied economics and applied finance at university and supported myself by working in retail, my favourite part of which was the customer service aspect. I really enjoyed speaking to people and wanted to find the perfect job where I could combine that with my passion for finance - financial advice ticked that box and I haven't looked back since.

Mia Taylor: I didn't know I wanted to be an adviser, I'd never even considered it. I fell into the industry and once I learned what the job was about I thought it was great that I could actually use the skills I'm learning to help others who may not be as financially literate to learn more about the basics of money and grow from there.

Sam Jewell: I finished university and didn't really know exactly what I wanted to do. One of my father's friends was a financial adviser so I bought him a coffee and asked what it was all about. I came away feeling as though this was something that I could do and see myself doing long-term.

Lauren Walker: My dad's actually a financial adviser, so I was always exposed to the career, to what they did, and when I was 19 and getting my first job out of school I started working at a financial planning office and fell in love. I didn't set out to be an adviser but once I was in the industry I knew very quickly that I wanted to stay.

Keats Brydon: I'd been working in the financial services industry for 15 years before jumping in head first to start my own financial advice business. My sales and marketing background really helped me shape a business that puts the client at the centre of everything we do. I'm passionate about advice, I love making new connections with people and I genuinely want to improve the lives of the people we help.

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