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Finding stability in changing times
The recent volatility and uncertainty in the global and domestic macroeconomic environment is causing concern amongst investors. Philip Parker, Altair's Founder and Chief Investment Officer, discusses ... Watch video
Giving Your Investors Credit (But Only Where It's Due...)
The property debt asset class is the largest and perhaps the most important in Australia.  In this presentation, we consider property debt as an asset class accessible to retail investors.  We ... Watch video
Can offering ethical advice benefit your business?
Over the past 10 years Responsible Investments have outperformed mainstream investments in almost every time period. So it's no wonder that the total volume of sustainable investments is rising fast. Watch video
Investing Profitably in Global Megatrends
There are many reasons for having exposure to international shares but one of the most compelling is to access powerful global megatrends. These trends will have a fundamental and lasting impact on the ... Watch video
Investment Bonds. Flexible, accessible and tax-effective.
Today, financial advisers are increasingly turning to investment bonds for their clients' wealth accumulation needs. Their increasing popularity is due to the fact that their unique tax structure provides ... Watch video
Digital Wealth Management (ask Robo Advice) - MAX 2015
We invite you to watch Maggie Callinan's presentation on Roboadvice at the MAX 2015 forum. In her presentation former senior manager of investment research at Perpetual Private challenged the notion that ... Watch video
Anchoring, Extrapolation & Noise: Potential Opportunities for and Risks To The Value Investor
Evidence supporting a value and quality bias: analysing S&P returns against Joel Greenblatt's two factor model Anchoring and its influence on investment thinking. Looking at risk-free rates ... Watch video
26 November 2015, 9:38am
Despite the gloomy domestic headlines, indications from which the RBA is directly in charge of - employment and inflation - are not on red alert levels. Read more
Suncorp to drop aligned advice businesses
25 November 2015, 12:34pm
Suncorp Life has announced it will transition out of managing Guardian Advice and Suncorp Financial Planning. Read more
MLC Direct appoints general manager
25 November 2015, 12:31pm
MLC has appointed a new managing director of its Direct business. Read more
Road of no return
25 November 2015, 10:11am
Wouldn't "the Committee's credibility" be shot if it goes ahead in December and it later turns out to be a policy mistake? Read more
Parliament repeals key FoFA amendments
24 November 2015, 1:03pm
The Parliament has approved a Government motion to repeal key amendments to the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms in a move that has taken other MPs and industry stakeholders by complete surpr ... Read more
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