Power of social
By Amanda Cassar  |  In Applied Financial Planning
Without the requisite experience, a makeshift Ugandan classroom might seem like a world away from an advice practice in Robina - but for Amanda Cassar, the locals' drive to improve their ... Read more

Why successor directors are better than alternate directors for SMSF succession planning
By Bryce Figot  |  In SMSF
This article will address the problems that can arise in using alternate directors in an SMSF succession planning context and suggest a possible solution. As with all succession planning ... Read more

Midwinter 2016 Digital and Social Media Survey
By Naomi Christopher  |  In Applied Financial Planning
The rapid evolution of digital, mobile and social technology has propelled the financial advice industry into an era of transformative agility and adaptability. Australian financial planning ... Read more

Managed portfolios: a sound investment in your clients and your business
By HUB24 Pty Ltd  |  In Investment Strategy
It is no secret that financial advisers are under increasing pressure to grow their business which means focusing on revenue growth and profitability as well as delivering quality financial product ... Read more

Emerging Markets: Mapping the Opportunities
By Michael Hasenstab  |  In Investment Strategy
The last several years have been trying for emerging markets, with 2015 marking the fifth consecutive year of decelerating growth. As the immediate recovery post-GFC was exceptionally strong, some ... Read more

Rethinking post-retirement asset allocations
By Samuel Morris  |  In Investment Strategy
While growth assets are widely accepted in asset allocation decisions during the accumulation phase, many investors overlook the benefit allocating to shares can provide in the way of growing ... Read more

Think again: behavioural finance and retirement incomes
By Jonathan Steffanoni  |  In Retirement
It is paramount that retirement income systems and the advisers, trustees and other fiduciaries responsible for their management strike a fine balance between individual freedom and subtle nudges or ... Read more

Owning and conducting a business as a fund investment
By Graeme Colley  |  In SMSF
Whether a fund is able to conduct business activity, comply with the superannuation rules and not fall foul of a range of other issues must be met with the universal technical answer, "it ... Read more

Our secret financial insecurities
By Jim Stackpool  |  In Applied Financial Planning
While some are facing their financial fears with bravado, others are keeping them hidden. On one end of the spectrum, younger people are wondering if they'll ever get into the property market, while ... Read more

Weathering the Storm
By Alex Burke  |  In Applied Financial Planning
If 2016 was the year of the unimaginable, 2017 will be the year of dealing with the unimaginable - and financial advisers will face the difficult task of helping their clients navigate this brave ... Read more

Life Insurance Megatrends: 10 trends reshaping the industry
By David Loader  |  In Insurance
Life insurance plays a vital role in the modern life, supporting people during difficult time. But despite the social good that stems from it, the industry has a less than flattering public image ... Read more

Dealing with death in the new world
By Josh Rundmann  |  In Taxation and Estate Planning
With the raft of super changes which parliament recently passed, there have been some smaller amendments which have a profound impact on the way pensions will operate when it comes to death, post-1 ... Read more
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Financial advice cannot be a quick-fix: Stackpool
24 May 2017, 12:42pm
Australians are still perplexed by financial advice and its increased accessibility and affordability through technology - and big data isn't helping. Read more
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