Advice from abroad
By Brett Evans  |  In Cover Story
FS Advice spoke with Atlas Wealth Management managing director Brett Evans, an adviser who thrives on providing advice to expats all over the world. An expat, a father and lover of all things ... Read more

Innovative retirement income products
By Craig Racine  |  In SMSF
As the post-war baby boomers continue their march towards retirement more than four million Australians have reached the 50 to 65 age group. Interest rates are at historical lows and, given a highly ... Read more

Building relationships
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Applied Financial Planning
FS Advice spoke with Fiducian Financial Services head of financial planning,  Robby Southall, who believes good financial advice is the result of honest relationships and clear outcomes, with ... Read more

Help, my financial planner is an alien
By Michelle Baltazar  |  In Blogs
You think credit cards are evil, you get giddy over tax and you love insurance. You are most definitely from another planet. There was a spring in the steps of the delegates at the FPA Congress ... Read more

mFund: Platform to the future?
By Kane Jiang  |  In Investment Strategy
Despite having what many have described as a slow start, the ASX's mFund platform has gained considerable traction amongst investment managers since its 2014 inception, particularly in the last ... Read more

The false dichotomy
By Santiago Burridge  |  In Applied Financial Planning
Much of the discourse surrounding managed accounts in Australia tends to be dominated by assessment of the comparative benefits and features of separately managed accounts (SMAs) and individually ... Read more

The impact of carbon on share price
By Kathryn McDonald  |  In Applied Financial Planning
Much of the work that has been done to date on the subject of pricing carbon involves predicting future regulations or the assessments of economic externalities. Very little work has been done to ... Read more

Interest rate risk: The unexplained risk of bond index funds
By Ian Martin  |  In Applied Financial Planning
There has been a great deal of media discussion about what happens to bonds when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates again. The broad consensus is that they'll raise, so the questions ... Read more

On the right track
By Michelle Baltazar  |  In Blogs
The word 'disruption' never got a mention at yesterday's FPA Congress but if there was an industry getting disrupted on multiple fronts, financial planning is it. From robo-advice to persistently ... Read more

Impact Investing
By Amanda Young  |  In Investment Strategy
Impact investing - once a niche corner of the market - has entered the mainstream. This has been driven by increasing awareness among investors of the important role they can play in order to help ... Read more

What to look for in unlisted real estate funds
By Adrian Harrington  |  In Investment Strategy
In the current low interest rate environment, the hunt for yield is a powerful force. Non-residential real estate via listed real estate investment trusts (A-REITs) and unlisted real estate funds ... Read more

The how and why of investing in agriculture
By David Bassanese  |  In Investment Strategy
Although Australia is a major agricultural exporter, the typical Australian investor's portfolio tends to have relatively low exposure to agriculture or "soft commodities". Read more
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Panel Session - Comparing ETFs: How to assess the different offerings in the market:
Mediated by Matthew McKinnon of VanEck Australia, this panel session features Bell Potter Securities' Andrew Jeffrey, Chris Lioutas of PSK Financial Services Group and James Sutherland from myonlineadvisers ... Watch video
Wealth transfer poses advice business risk
28 April 2017, 12:10pm
While high-net-worth and ultra-high-net worth clients are attractive prospects for advice businesses, a lack of inheritance planning services could mean the end of those relationships throughout the largest ... Read more
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