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Clime, Marcus Today form strategic alliance

Clime Investment Management has entered a strategic alliance with Marcus Today to manage the latter's $70 million managed accounts portfolio.

Fiducian sees record inflows, eyes expansion

Fiducian has recorded an underlying profit increase of 11% and seen record net inflows of $309 million, as it sets its sights on New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

AZ NGA, Blue Invest acquire VBP stake

AZ Next Generation Advisory (AZ NGA) and Invest Blue will co-invest in Virtual Business Partners (VBP), a paraplanning and back-office solutions provider based in the Philippines.

Competition for adviser relationships fierce: Report

In a hotly contested platform space, competition for adviser relationships is fierce, according to part two of Investment Trends' latest Adviser Technology Needs Report.

Latest White Papers

Are you in the business of ethics?

BRYAN ASHENDEN   It has been over two years since it became mandatory for all Australian financial advisers to adhere to the Financial Planners and Advisers Code of Ethics 2019, better known as the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) Code of Ethics (Code).

Where are all the women?

YOLANDA BEATTIE   In 2016 when Lady Quentin Bryce walked into the Fund Manager of the Year awards, she turned to a leading female portfolio manager and asked, "where are all the women?".

High inflation and renewed interest in commodities

MIKE PONIKIEWICZ, THOMAS DOBLER, SETH WEINGRAM   Oil prices have surged as a result of the world's emergence from COVID and the war in Ukraine. Certain other commodities, including industrial metals like nickel, have also experienced dramatic price increases. But do such allocations make for a ready and effective inflation hedge? If not, is there a better way to obtain inflation protection and, more broadly, to improve portfolio risk-adjusted returns with commodities?

Gold versus bitcoin

JORDAN ELISEO   Few asset classes have generated more buzz in the last decade than bitcoin.

Navigating the new income protection landscape

DAMIAN REVELL   With the new income protection (IP) product requirements that came into effect from 1 October 2021, there are key considerations that may affect the approach advisers choose to take.

Bankruptcy, life insurance and superannuation

ALEX KOODRIN   If your client base includes business owners, chances are you have turned your mind to what might happen to their superannuation and proceeds from life insurance policies should their circumstances drastically change, and they become bankrupt.

The rise of intelligent document processing

SCOTT BREWSTER   Intelligent document processing is a game-changer for industries like financial services, which is struggling with an increasing volume of large and complex documents requiring action. Here's all the reasons it should be adopted now.

Blockchain bricks and crypto cathedrals

SARAH ARCHER   There is a saying in improv: 'Bring a brick, not a cathedral'. While improv and the world of cryptocurrency are not readily comparable, the saying is a good reminder that you do not need to 'know it all' to participate in the crypto conversation.

Planning the exit from an SMSF

DANIEL BUTLER, WILLIAM FETTES   How to formulate a robust succession plan.

Super opportunities for 2022/23

MANSI DESAI   Although the Federal Budget did not bring in any noteworthy superannuation changes except for the extension of the halved minimum drawdown rates, recent changes relating to the work test and contribution rules have been quite significant, especially for clients aged 67 to 74. This paper provides a recap of all the recent superannuation changes that open a range of opportunities for your clients.

A guide to the Home Equity Access Scheme

SEAN HOWARD   The Home Equity Access Scheme (HEAS) provides support in the form of a reverse mortgage type loan paid fortnightly to people who qualify for the Age Pension and own property in Australia.

Specialist insights on aged care advice

RAHUL SINGH   When looking at aged care advice from an adviser's perspective, we find that there are some common themes of interest. This paper offers insights from three experienced aged care advice professionals from different areas in the country who provide their thoughts on aged care advice.

Guide to testamentary trusts: Who, what and when?

DANNY ADNO   There are significant advantages in incorporating testamentary trusts in Wills.

No more hiding superannuation assets in family law proceedings

MICHAEL TWOHILL   From 1 April 2022, parties to family law property settlement proceedings can apply to the Family Law Court registries to obtain details of their former partner's superannuation information held by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The aim is to enhance the visibility of superannuation assets in family law proceedings, making it harder for parties to conceal their superannuation assets.

Do I really need to do Responsible Manager training?

SAMANTHA HILLS   Let us take a look at whether, as the Responsible Manager of an AFSL, you really need to do RM training and what drives the answer to that question.

ASIC puts finfluencers on notice

MATT DALEY, AVI KUMAR   ASIC has published Information Sheet 269 Discussing financial products and services online (Information Sheet 269), flagging three key areas social media influencers and AFS licence holders who use influencers need to be aware of.

Relationship building for advisers and accountants

CHRIS MATHER   Around the end of the financial year and as a new one begins, many advisers are communicating with clients' accountants more frequently. It is timely to consider whether one's next conversation with an accountant could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Helping the kids to buy property: Understanding co-ownership arrangements

BRIAN HOR   With soaring house prices in all Australian capital cities and many popular regional areas, more young people than ever are requiring support to enter the property market. The 'bank of mum and dad' has never been more popular as a way to help kids get their first step onto the property market ladder, whether to buy a first home to live in or a first real estate investment. This paper looks at various options by which parents can assist their children and what should be considered in each case.

Australian families' experience of financial stress

BILL TSOUVALAS   The COVID-19 pandemic and government response to it has been hard on many Australian families. In the early days of the pandemic, when governments across the globe were shutting down offices and venues where many people gather, there was much uncertainty.

How advisers can obtain genuine client feedback

SIMON RUSSELL   While most would agree that getting good client feedback is desirable, it can be difficult for a financial adviser to know what their clients actually think.