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Rate rise exposes adviser knowledge gap

As interest rates rise and inflation grows, some are lamenting a possible knowledge and experience gap in the industry, with a considerable number of financial advisers having only ever known a low inflation environment.

How AMP plans to bounce back

AMP's chair has explained how the group intends to improve its financial performance, while Alexis George outlined how the 173-year-old company will be transformed, with a strong focus on the retirement space.

Record number of adviser graduates: Kaplan

Kaplan Professional announced a record number of financial advisers have graduated from postgraduate financial planning qualifications in 2020 and 2021.

Clime acquires private wealth firm

Clime Investment Management has acquired a Melbourne wealth management business for $7 million.

Latest White Papers

Are you in the business of ethics?

BRYAN ASHENDEN   It has been over two years since it became mandatory for all Australian financial advisers to adhere to the Financial Planners and Advisers Code of Ethics 2019, better known as the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) Code of Ethics (Code).

Where are all the women?

YOLANDA BEATTIE   In 2016 when Lady Quentin Bryce walked into the Fund Manager of the Year awards, she turned to a leading female portfolio manager and asked, "where are all the women?".

Gold versus bitcoin

JORDAN ELISEO   Few asset classes have generated more buzz in the last decade than bitcoin.

Infrastructure in a multi-asset strategy

MATT MERRITT   The listed infrastructure market is growing rapidly in size, with new companies helping to finance a societal shift in infrastructure demand.

Navigating the new income protection landscape

DAMIAN REVELL   With the new income protection (IP) product requirements that came into effect from 1 October 2021, there are key considerations that may affect the approach advisers choose to take.

Bankruptcy, life insurance and superannuation

ALEX KOODRIN   If your client base includes business owners, chances are you have turned your mind to what might happen to their superannuation and proceeds from life insurance policies should their circumstances drastically change, and they become bankrupt.

Blockchain bricks and crypto cathedrals

SARAH ARCHER   There is a saying in improv: 'Bring a brick, not a cathedral'. While improv and the world of cryptocurrency are not readily comparable, the saying is a good reminder that you do not need to 'know it all' to participate in the crypto conversation.

Do you use digital wallets, buy now, pay later, or cryptocurrency?

JADE CARLSON   New regulations are proposed to give the federal government greater control over digital wallets, buy now, pay later, and cryptocurrency.

Strategies to manage TPD payments through super

MARK GLEESON   As many advisers do not provide advice on managing total and permanent disablement (TPD) payments on a frequent basis, this paper provides a refresher to help them ensure their knowledge is up to date. Further, it explores lump sum payments, income streams and other options to maximise social security ...

Work test and the exemption for recent retirees

TIM HOWARD   One of the most significant measures announced in the May 2021 federal budget was the proposed exemption from the work test. How does the work test apply now, and what is expected to change?

Specialist insights on aged care advice

RAHUL SINGH   When looking at aged care advice from an adviser's perspective, we find that there are some common themes of interest. This paper offers insights from three experienced aged care advice professionals from different areas in the country who provide their thoughts on aged care advice.

Guide to granny flat interests

RAHUL SINGH   There are a number of accommodation options for older people who require assistance and may not want to live by themselves.

What you should be aware of this tax season

KMT PARTNERS   With the end of financial year 2022 just around the corner, there are some key updates that you should be aware of for this tax season. After some two years of leniency, the ATO is ramping up its debt collection activities.

Payment of death benefits when couples die simultaneously

GRAEME COLLEY   Many trustees and members of not only SMSFs, but also public offer superannuation funds, are interested in the payment of death benefits if they or their spouse were to die. During many conversations with couples, the question, 'but what if we were to die at the same time' may be raised. The correct answer is that 'it just depends on the situation'.

ASIC puts finfluencers on notice

MATT DALEY, AVI KUMAR   ASIC has published Information Sheet 269 Discussing financial products and services online (Information Sheet 269), flagging three key areas social media influencers and AFS licence holders who use influencers need to be aware of.

How should trustees address the Retirement Income Covenant?

KATRINA BACON, CECILIA STORNIOLO   As Australia's population ages, there is a greater need for superannuation funds to address the needs of the retired and retiring population. According to APRA's Annual Fund Bulletin, in June 2020, excluding SMSFs, 10% of account holders were aged 65 and over and approximately one-third of superannuation assets were in pension phase.

When your child asks about money

DREW BROWNE   Given the abundance of our modern lives, it is not surprising that we end up with complicated feelings and concerns about money and possessions. Children ask a lot of questions-it is part of their job, and adults raising children are going to face unexpected and honest questions about money. Some can be anticipated while others catch us totally unprepared. And if you do not have your own children, chances are you are a role model for someone else's.

Leveraging expertise to expand your value proposition

RAY MILES, NEIL YOUNGER   This paper comprises an excerpt from Fortnum Private Wealth's The inevitable advice journey: Where professional advisory firms are set to land report.

Australian families' experience of financial stress

BILL TSOUVALAS   The COVID-19 pandemic and government response to it has been hard on many Australian families. In the early days of the pandemic, when governments across the globe were shutting down offices and venues where many people gather, there was much uncertainty.

How advisers can obtain genuine client feedback

SIMON RUSSELL   While most would agree that getting good client feedback is desirable, it can be difficult for a financial adviser to know what their clients actually think.