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Super account advice fees a sticking point for advice bill: Senate inquiry

The government committee tracking the implementation of the Delivering Better Financial Outcomes (DBFO) reforms emphasised in its final report it wants "greater legal clarity" to how advice fees are deducted from superannuation fund accounts.

Early contributions boost retirement balances

The superannuation gap of young Australians who contribute to their super earlier, compared to those who take the default contribution option has been confirmed by modelling from advice tech platform Otivo.

Inflation weighing on next generation of retirees

New research from Natixis found Generation X are concerned they may never have enough money to retire.

Ageing Australians rapidly shifting retirement planning

New research from Allianz Retire+ has found a major change in how older Australians are preparing for retirement.

Latest White Papers

Wills and 'the guilt of giving'

LARISA KAPUR   A Will should be structured in a way that reflects your personal wishes, not the expectations of those around you.

An introduction to philanthropic giving

DAVID BARRETT   This article introduces financial advisers to the financial planning considerations that arise when clients have philanthropic goals.

How advisers can add value beyond the index

BETASHARES   There could be significant advantages to including some low-cost equity beta in client portfolios. But how do you add value beyond tracking the broad index?

21 years of data and passive usually beat active

BETASHARES   The results are in - 21 years of data, and passive usually beat active. The SPIVA scorecard comes of age this year.

Making insurance more affordable

RICHARD EDWARDS   There are a number of ways you can reduce the hip-pocket impact of personal insurance for clients facing cost-of-living pressures.

A ticking time bomb

JONATHAN LIGHT, VALESKA BLOCH, JOSHUA ANDERSON, EMILIANA GALLEGO   Insurers heavily scrutinise organisations' ability to prevent, anticipate and withstand cyber-attacks when deciding whether or not to offer cyber insurance.

Are NFTs and NFPs a match made in heaven?

DARREN FITTLER   Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exploded in popularity in 2021. Fundraising teams within some charities and not-for-profits (NFPs) who were in the midst of pivoting their strategies because of COVID-19, took note of this demand and used NFTs to raise substantial sums for their causes.

AI regulation in Australia

SIMON BURNS, JEN BRADLEY   The Australian Government has recently released the discussion paper Supporting responsible AI: discussion paper, seeking industry feedback to inform the government's approach to regulating AI-whether through mandatory or voluntary mechanisms-to help support responsible AI practices and mitigate potential risks.

Debunking myths of lifetime annuities

MANSI DESAI   Lifetime income streams, such as a lifetime annuity, can provide an important benefit to a portfolio, in that they can help address the issue of longevity risk.

The evolution of superannuation operating models

PETER SHERRIFF, CLAYTON ISSITT   Regulatory and stakeholder demands are driving superannuation funds to evaluate their operating models, with a focus on improving efficiency, preparing for potential mergers and scaling in a sustainable fashion.

Navigating the transfer balance cap

STEPHEN BLAKE   The transfer balance cap imposes a limit on the amount of capital that can be held in retirement phase in order to support a retirement phase superannuation income stream - also commonly referred to as a superannuation pension.

The decumulation puzzle

SIMON BRINSMEAD, MEHER EDIBAM   The UK defined contribution (DC) pension system is a relatively immature system compared with three decades of defined contribution history here in Australia. Despite this, the UK is already making significant progress in moving forward with ideas to make retirement simple for members.

Superannuation binding death benefit nomination

GERARD BASHA   Superannuation legislation and many superannuation trust deeds permit a member of a super fund to sign a binding death benefit nomination (BDBN) in favour of their dependants or the legal personal representative of the member's estate.

Fringe benefits tax essentials

CHRISANTHE LEKATIS   Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is a tax payable by employers on certain benefits provided to employees.

Thinking about self-licensing?

SEAN GRAHAM   We recently learnt that 98% of the new advice licensees that commenced operation in 2023 were 'micro-licensees'-that is, licensees with fewer than ten advisers.

Understanding AFCA: Powers and remedies

BARTIER PERRY LAWYERS   The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) complaints against financial firms in the banking and finance space rose 27% in the financial year ending 30 June 2023, bringing the total complaints in that sector to 53,638.

Having difficult conversations with clients

CLAIRE MIDDLEBROOK   For many of us, this is one of the scariest phrases, especially if you are a financial adviser.

Understanding Australian advice clients better

NETWEALTH INVESTMENTS   Segmenting can provide additional insight for firms trying to define what is important to their clients. In this article, we dive into the three key client segments identified in the annual Advisable Australian research conducted by Netwealth, and investigate their driving needs.

Five strategies to increase the closing ratio for financial advisers

ESZYLFIE TAYLOR   As a financial adviser, building trust and credibility with potential clients is paramount to increasing your closing ratio and growing your wealth management practice.

CX: Experiences that keep your customers coming back

JODIE KNOWLTON   The way customers or clients interact with businesses has rapidly evolved in recent years. What has not changed, however, is the need to provide an outstanding experience in order to retain those customers.