Electronic signing in a pandemic
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The global response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in many ordinary business dealings now being undertaken remotely due to social distancing protocols and border shutdowns. 

The resulting business environment has become one of increasing electronic commerce across many industries.  As the isolation period continues, we expect to see businesses continuing to operate as far as possible by replacing physical with electronic means wherever possible, with the aim of mitigating disruption to their operations as much as practicable.

One key aspect of electronic commerce which is already well-positioned for this situation is the signing of documents by electronic and digital means - the electronic transactions legislation serves to make electronic signatures as valid as physical signatures, provided certain criteria are satisfied.

However, the use of electronic signatures to achieve efficiencies and more easily do business without the need for physical proximity does require careful consideration, as there are a number of tips and traps that could result in unintended consequences for the unwary.

This paper answers some of he most frequently asked questions.

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