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Silicon Valley offers great ideas to transform financial advice. But first, advisers need to embrace their role as digital activist.

It is a leap of digital faith. Ryan Merrett, chief information of­ficer and financial adviser at Melbourne-based Tribeca Finan­cial travelled 12,000 kilometres to San Francisco early this month as part of an adviser study tour.

It was the fourth and final day of the program and he was in deep thought at the back of the tour bus travelling on Highway 101 returning downtown San Francisco from Silicon Valley.

"I wanted to be challenged. I have my own views of where the advice industry is going ... but I wanted to learn what else is out there. What else is working and what isn't," he said.

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AI will lead next industrial revolution: Sanlam
From predicting election results to running driverless cars, artificial intelligence (AI) will transform all sectors of business, not least financial planning and wealth management.

Financial advisers should consider bitcoin as an asset class: Dunworth
There is no better way to understand blockchain technology than to invest in bitcoins, a digital currency that has outperformed traditional currencies in recent years, according to an industry expert.

Mosaic tailors financial advice for women, grows FUA to $800m
For financial advisers looking to cater to high-powered female executives, US-based Mosaic Financial Partners provides a textbook-worthy case study.

Sharing economy to reshape global real estate
Millennials want a lot of space on their smartphones but not so much for a car or self-storage and that's driving global REITs to change tack.

From financial advisers to cybersecurity advocates
Financial advisers must arm themselves with serious cybersecurity knowhow as more cybercrime networks turn their focus to financial services companies at an alarming rate.



The financial services industry is trailing behind other sectors when it comes to using social media for business. Here's how financial advisers can get a jump on the social laggards. Read More.


In May this year, netwealth joint managing director Matt Heine helped organise a Silicon  Valley study tour for financial advisers and fund managers. He tells Financial Standard his key learnings from the intensive four-day program.
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Over 50 delegates joined the Netwealth group study tour which began in the financial district of San Francisco and ended in Silicon Valley with tours of the LinkedIn, Franklin Templeton and Palo Alto Networks headquarters. Here are some of the moments from the tour.

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