About the Author
Cameron O'Sullivan
Financial Planner, Pekada Group Pty Ltd(at time of writing)

Cameron O'Sullivan is a director at Provisio Technologies, a company providing advice software solutions for some of Australia's largest superannuation funds. He is also a financial advisor with a strong focus on financial strategy, risk management and technical systems.

Before entering the advice industry, he enjoyed a stint in financial and information risk management with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. O'Sullivan has been recognised nationally as a leading practitioner in providing valued advice to clients on technical strategy, has won numerous Value of Advice awards and was the recipient of the inaugural Rising Star Award by Financial Wisdom in 2008.

Articles Published
Increased competition in the advice industry, fueled by superannuation funds now being able to deliver financial advice to members, demands a fresh look at how we deliver advice. The benefits of rapid ... Increased ...
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